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Polymet’s industrial hardfacing and welding wires for the lumber industry have been engineered with one purpose in mind: efficiency. Polymet’s 100% dense, solid POLYSTEL product line utilizes the proprietary hot extrusion process to produce continuous spools of wire suitable for automated gas tungsten arc welding and plasma welding processes. This spooled POLYSTEL wire enables the customer to set up and automate the welding process. Welding automation has advantages such as reduced downtime due to switching out rod, diminished excess labor, and minimized waste of the valuable cobalt based consumable. Polymet also manufacturers small diameter POLYSTEL wire for TIG welding on ultra-thin kerf blades. This results in a more precise weld, eliminating the possibility of excess heat on the blade that causes warping.

Welding POLYSTEL wire onto saw blade applications improves surface finishes and permits significantly longer operational times. For example, by tipping band saw blade teeth with POLYSTEL 12, the period in which the saw blade is in operation is extended significantly due to an increase in efficiency and dependability of the saw blade. Our high quality POLYSTEL wire optimizes manufacturing capabilities and application performance. This is critical in an industry where constant attention is focused on wood waste reduction. The lumber industry works with a valuable natural resource that must be sustained properly.

Typical applications include:

  • Band saw blades
  • Circular saw blades
  • Frame/gang saw blades
  • Ultra-thin kerf saw blades

POLYSTEL products demonstrate the necessary hardness characteristics and wear resistance properties to be used in lumber applications. Saw teeth that are tipped with POLYSTEL can endure shocks triggered by knots, nails, machine jams etc. A durable and more reliable saw results in better productivity and less material waste.

Polymet’s rapidly growing POLYSTEL product line supplies most of the hardfacing demands of the lumber industry. The POLYSTEL products are cobalt based alloys with a high chromium and tungsten percentage. They are available in continuous cast rod (3.2mm and up), extruded rod (0.9mm and up), and extruded spooled wire (0.9mm – 2.0mm). Please see the product offers for this industry below.

Products For This Market

Item # Description Applications
Hardfacing & Welding Wire
POLYSTEL 1 Stellite 1, ERCoCr-C, ERCCoCr-C Bearing Areas, chain saw bars, Saw Teeth, Valve Plugs & Seats
POLYSTEL 12 Stellite 12, ERCoCr-C, ERCCoCr-C Bearing Areas, chain saw bars, Saw Teeth, Valve Plugs & Seats
POLYSTEL 12H Stellite 12 H, ERCoCr-C, ERCCoCr-C chain saw bars, Saw Teeth

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