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Polymet offers a wide variety of top quality industrial hardfacing solutions for the mining industry. Our wires are proven time and time again to rigorously combat corrosion and impact wear. Be sure to check out our tungsten carbide and Vecalloy 700 alloys to solve your toughest wear problems.


Products For This Market

Item # Description Applications
Hardfacing & Welding Wire
POLYCHROME 100 Chrome Carbide Auger Flights, Bucket parts, Fan Blades, Tillage Tools
POLYCHROME 100C Chrome Carbide Cement Plant, Crusher Rolls, Power Generation, Pulverizer Rolls
POLYTUNG NIBWC NiBWC Bucket Teeth, Dredge Cutter heads & Teeth, ID Pipe & Elbows, Oil Tool Bits
POLYTUNG NICRBWC NiCrBWC Dredge Cutter heads & Teeth, ID Pipe & Elbows, Oil Tool Bits
POLYWEAR 50 NiCrBSi Wear & Corrosion
POLYWEAR 60 NiCrBSi Draw Blocks, Impeller Screws, Slurry Pipe, Wear & Corrosion

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Polymet’s Game-Changing Vecalloy Product Line

Polymet’s new Vecalloy product line offers revolutionary solutions to your toughest hardfacing problems.

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