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Polymet’s industrial line of hard-facing and welding wire is used heavily in the oil & gas industry. Our POLYSTEL line of Stellite equivalent material is used for applications such as valve seats, valve gates, extrusion screws, dies, bearing areas, chain saw bars, saw teeth, plugs, impeller screws, slurry pipe and many other kinds of wear and corrosion.

With Polymet you can rest assured knowing you will be receiving the highest quality hard-facing and welding wire.

Products For This Market

Item # Description Applications
Hardfacing & Welding Wire
POLYSTEL 1 Stellite 1 Dies, Extrusion screws, Gates, Valve Seats
POLYSTEL 6 Stellite 6 Dies, Extrusion screws, Gates, Valve Seats
POLYSTEL 12 Stellite 12 Bearing Areas, chain saw bars, Saw Teeth, Valve Plugs & Seats
POLYSTEL 21 Stellite 21 Chemical & Petrochemical valves, Dies, Hot shears, Steam valves
POLYTUNG NICRBWC NiCrBWC Dredge Cutter heads & Teeth, ID Pipe & Elbows, Oil Tool Bits
POLYWEAR 50 NiCrBSi Wear & Corrosion
POLYWEAR 60 NiCrBSi Draw Blocks, Impeller Screws, Slurry Pipe, Wear & Corrosion

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Polymet’s Game-Changing Vecalloy Product Line

Polymet’s new Vecalloy product line offers revolutionary solutions to your toughest hardfacing problems.

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