Hard Coatings with Hard Bob


hard coatings with hard bob

Once a month Polymet’s “Hard Bob” will publish helpful tips for thermal spraying in Hard Coatings with Hard Bob.

This is an opportunity for customers and operators to gain valuable insight and recommendations from a true industry expert, Bob Unger.

Bob is the Sales Manager at Polymet and has been working in the thermal spray industry for over 30 years. With his extensive knowledge, expertise, and passion for the industry, Hard Bob’s tips will serve as your one-stop shop for all thermal spray guidance.


Have you missed an article by Bob? Catch up below:      

2013 Articles

March 5 Important Characteristics of Thermal Spray Coatings
February Low Melt Materials
January 6 Hard, Wear Resistant Alloys


2012 Articles

December Advantages of Wire Flame Spray
November Advantages of Twin Wire Arc Spray
  October The Effect of Atomizing Air Pressure on Arc Spraying
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