Advantages of HVOF Spraying


Advantages of HVOF Spraying

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Thermal spray powders are becoming more and more popular in a variety of industries today. They are widely used in industries such as: power generation, automotive, petrochemical, and many more. Systems used for HVOF applications include the JP 5000, the Diamond Jet, and other HVOF powder spray units. Polymet’s top of the line Thermal Spray Powders for HVOF are suitable for all of these systems.

You may find yourself asking, what exactly are the benefits of HVOF spraying? Let us walk through a few of these benefits.

  • Very high densities. Since the powder will be sprayed at such a high velocity, the particles are hitting the target much harder, leading to much higher densities.
  • Outstanding wear resistance. The high level of bond strength you get with HVOF coatings allows these coatings to sustain almost 100 percent of their wear and corrosion resistance in high-temperature environments.
  • Very low porosity. Again, because the powders are being deposited at such a high velocity, the high impact at which they meet their target leads to less porosity and therefore improved corrosion protection.

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