Polymet Hires New Research and Development Engineer


Polymet Hires New Research and Development Engineer

Polymet Corporation, a world-class manufacturer of high performance wire for hardfacing, welding and thermal spray, is pleased to welcome Tim Barnhart as a new Research and Development Engineer. Tim will be responsible for the R&D activities primarily on Polymet’s cored wire mills. He will also be involved with strategic project planning and execution for R&D.

Tim was formerly with STOODY Company, a producer of welding wires and electrodes for wear and corrosion. He excelled as a Product Development Engineer, patenting an abrasion and corrosion resistant alloy for hardfacing/cladding applications. With his extensive involvement in the hardfacing industry and a B.S. in Materials Science & Engineering from Virginia Tech, Tim has an extremely strong metallurgical and engineering background that is evident in his success.

“We are truly excited to have Tim join our great team,” says Ed Goldman, Technology Manager at Polymet. “There is no doubt that Tim will make an immediate impact in our engineering processes and contribute in research endeavors. We are grateful to have a young, creative mind working in Polymet’s R&D department”

Tim, welcome to Polymet!