Polymet is Now Stocking Stellite® Equivalent Rod and MIG Wire


Polymet is Now Stocking Stellite® Equivalent Rod and MIG Wire

We are now stocking our Stellite® equivalent material, POLYSTEL, in rod and MIG wire form. POLYSTEL is part of our industrial hardfacing and welding product line and it is Stellite® equivalent in composition – but superior in quality and performance.

stellite rod, stellite hardfacing rod, stellite 6 rodOur core business is small diameter, solid wire, which includes some of the POLYSTEL products but they are only suitable for TIG operations. However, after streamlining our industrial product line, we are now stocking POLYSTEL in both cast rod and cored MIG wire form. The rod products can be purchased bare or coated and they are standard 1 meter lengths. The cored MIG wire for GMAW and SMAW is available on spools and wire baskets.

Danny Newman, Sales Manager for Hardfacing & Welding, says, “I am very pleased that we are stocking these Stellite® equivalent products on our floor now. We have seen a dramatic increase in demand for these products both domestically and internationally. I am excited about the growth that will follow on our industrial product line.”

POLYSTEL is available in the equivalent to Stellite® 1, Stellite® 6, Stellite® 12, and Stellite® 21. The rod products have diameters of .125”, .156”, and .197”. The cored MIG wire is available in .045” and .062” diameters.