Polymet Launches New Thermal Spray Powder Product Line


Polymet Launches New Thermal Spray Powder Product Line

Polymet introduced thermal spray powder to its successful line of products. Polymet is eager to extend its presence in the thermal spray industry by offering High Velocity Oxy-Fuel thermal spray powder. These HVOF materials will offer high density, low porosity, and high bond strength.

Prior to the addition of powder to the product line, Polymet provided thermal spray materials for wire arc spray and wire flame spray processes. Now, tungsten carbide-based powders for HVOF systems will be joining the successful group of thermal spray products. Tungsten carbides have excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance properties. Polymet will focus on the following four tungsten carbides: WC-12Co, WC-17Co, WC-10Ni, and WC-10Co4Cr.  Each product will be -45/+15 microns in particle size.

“Through this new product offering, Polymet will be reaching new prospects and finally meeting the needs of existing customers requiring powder in addition to wire,” says Pete Humphries, Marketing Manager for Polymet.  “This is truly a product that can generate growth in our company,” Pete states, “I am very excited to be at the forefront of this new line.”  Pete will be responsible for heading the thermal spray powder campaign.

Countless applications can be processed with Polymet materials in industries such as aerospace, power generation, automotive, and petrochemical.  As an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer, Polymet assures the highest levels of quality in their materials.