Thermal Spray Wire

Whether you call it thermal spray wire, arc spray wire, or metalizing wire, Polymet manufactures a wire that is sure to meet the demands of your thermal spray coating application. From iron based amorphous alloys to nickel based alloys for the aerospace industry, Polymet manufactures the highest quality wire in the world for both twin wire arc spray and flame spray operations. Polymet produces over 35 alloys for thermal spray applications. Below is a full list of Thermal Spray Wire offered by Polymet.

Polymet Item Description Applications
Iron Base Hardfacing Alloy
PMET 50 Fe Al Anti-skid, Bond Coat, Traction rolls
PMET 223 LCr Carbide Good Corrosion & Wear, Machinable
PMET 226 HCr Carbide Abrasion Resistance, Aggregate Handling
PMET 270 Amorphous Alloy Boiler Tubes, Wear Resistance
PMET 273 Fe Cr B Si Abrasion Resistance, Boiler Tubes, Rolls
PMET 296 Fe Cr Ni B Abrasion Resistance, Boiler Tubes
PMET 297 Tung Carbide Abrasion Resistance, Boiler Tubes, Rolls
VECALLOY B Amorphous Alloy Abrasion Resistance, Boiler Tubes, Fans
Copper Base Alloy
PMET 590 Al Bronze Bearings, Bond Coats, Housings, Shafts
PMET 599 Copper Electrical Components, High Conductivity
Aluminum Base Alloy
PMET 692 Al 6Si Dimensional Buildup, Turbine Engine
PMET 699 Aluminum Corrosion Resistance, Electric Conductivity
Iron Base Alloy
PMET 709 LC Steel Bearings, Economical, Seating Surfaces
PMET 710 304 SS Corrosion Resistance, Print Rolls, Restoration
PMET 714 HC Steel Fans, Housings, Low Shrink, Pistons, Shafts
PMET 718 Low Shrink Steel Dimensional Restoration
PMET 720 420 SS Machine Elements, Wear Resistance
PMET 723 18 5 SS Rams, Rollers, Thick Coatings
PMET 730 316 SS Corrosion Resistance, Print Rolls, Shafts
PMET 731 Fe Cr Al Boiler Tubes, Dimension Restoration
VECALLOY READABLE Vecalloy Readable Boiler Tubes, Power Generation Applications
Nickel Base Alloy
PMET 806 Nickel Corrosion Resistance, Impellers, Sleeves
PMET 818 Alloy 718 Oxidation Resistance, Turbine Engines
PMET 821 Ni 20Cr – Nichrome Equivalent Machinable Coatings, Oxidation Resistance
PMET 860 Alloy 625 Corrosion, Digestors, Oxidation Resistance
PMET 876 Alloy C-276 Resistance to Reducing/Oxidizing Corrosives
PMET 877 Monel Restoration, Rolls, Sea Water Service
PMET 884 Ni 20Al Bond Coats
PMET 885 Ni 5Al Bond Coat, Turbine Engine Part Buildup
PMET 886 Ni Cr Al High Temp. bond coats, Oxidation Resistance
PMET 887 Ni Cr Al Y Ceramic Undercoat, Oxidation Resistance
PMET 888 Ni Mo Al Buildup of Steels, Wear Resistance
PMET 889 Ni Cr Ti Boiler Tubes, Corrosion Resistance
Other Alloy
PMET 540 Zinc Corrosion Resistance, Electrical Conductivity
PMET 542 Babbitt Bearings, Solderable connections
PMET 549 Tin Electrical Conductivity
PMET 899 Molybdenum Corrosion & wear, piston rings

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