Stellite 1 equivalent – POLYSTEL 1

Metal Cored POLYSTEL 1 is a cobalt-based metal cored wire. It produces a deposit that exhibits excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance for applications where severe abrasion and moderate impact is encountered. POLYSTEL 1M contains a higher percentage of carbides than deposits from POLYSTEL 6 and POLYSTEL 12 which contribute to the exceptional wear resistance and superior hardness of this alloy. POLYSTEL 1M derives its high temperature hardness and matrix toughness from the addition of tungsten. Due to the high sensitivity to check cracking, when welding this alloy proper precautions should be made to minimize cooling stresses. This alloy can be applied to any weldable steel, includeing all grades of stainless steel.

Solid POLYSTEL 1 is an excellent high temperature wear resistance alloy consisting of a rich cobalt matrix with a high degree of chromium and tungsten carbides. The alloy is excellent when used in high temperature abrasive wear applications. It can also be specified in a number of different corrosive medias such as down hole sour gas applications.

Product Details

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Composition Ni Co Fe Cr W Other    
BAL 3012  
0.8 2.4   
Rockwell HardnessHRC 50-60

Product Forms
MIG .045", 1/16" (1.2mm, 1.6mm)
TIG .035" - .062" (0.89mm - 1.6mm)