Vecalloy 600 is a revolutionary new material specifically designed as a chromium free and heat-treatable hardfacing. It provides the best performance in aggressive environments where impact and abrasive wear are critical sources of material failure. By eliminating chromium as an alloying addition, Vecalloy 600 eliminated liability from the highly carcinogenic hexavalent chromium fumes generated when welding chromium bearing materials.

Vecalloy 600 is heat-treatable, meaning it preserves excellent performance before and after standard quench and temper heat treatments.

In terms of wear resistance, the high density of complex borides and vanadium carbides in a martensitic matrix allow it compete with the wear performance of WC/Ni overlays at a lower price point. The extremely fine lamellar structure of the complex borides and the spherical morphology of the vanadium carbides allow for impact performance 20X that of the WC/Ni, and more than 4X compared to both chromium carbide overlays (CCO) and nanostructure forming steels.

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Composition Ni Co Fe Cr W Other