POLYCHROME 3000C is an iron-based, enhanced high chromium carbide metal cored wire. It is designed to produce a high concentration of uniformly dispersed small primary chrome carbides in an austenitic matrix. The increased volume of small primary carbides improves wear resistance over standard chromium carbide alloys. Deposits develop a tight cross check pattern and used in a wide range of applications for power generation, mining, and construction industry. A unique attribute of POLYCHROME 3000C is that it can be applied in multiple layers when using stringer beads and special procedures (contact Polymet for more information). This process is used to refurbish coal and cement pulverizer rolls and rings. Deposits are normally limited to two layers, and cannot be machined or flame cut.

Product Details

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Composition Ni Co Fe Cr W Other    
BAL 25B 0.5  
11.5 1.54.5   
Rockwell HardnessHRC 58-64