Stellite 12H equivalent – POLYSTEL 12H

POLYSTEL 12H is a high carbon cobalt-based cast rod version of Cobalt Alloy 12 that has been hot forged to a small diameter wire using Polymet’s patented hot extruded wire processing. POLYSTEL 12H attributes are its anti-galling properties and increased abrasion resistance while maintaining similar properties to those of Cobalt Alloy 12. It can be applied to all weldable steels, including stainless steels.

Product Details

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Composition Ni Co Fe Cr W Other    
BAL 299  
Rockwell HardnessHRC 47-50

Product Forms
MIG .045", 1/16" (1.2mm, 1.6mm)
TIG .012" - .157" (0.30mm - 4mm)