Finally! A Cost Effective Tungsten Carbide Replacement

September 3, 2015

Polymet is excited to introduce Vecalloy 752 to it’s product line.

This game-changing alloy has been specifically designed to perform in aggressive environments where impact, abrasive wear, and erosive wear are factors. Vecalloy 752 is an iron-based alloy which grows extremely hard, near spherical, tungsten boride particles throughout the entire weld bead thickness.

Vecalloy 752 is designed to outperform tungsten carbide in countless applications – particularly when impact resistance is a factor. Some examples of suitable applications include:

  • Shaker screens
  • Grade blades and other ground engaging tools
  • Chute blocks
  • Pipe I.D.
  • Wear Plate
  • Mill liners
  • Slurry pipe
  • Shovel wear packages
  • Other mining applications
  • MANY other applications

Contact us to learn more about this incredible alloy.

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