Why You Should Be Using Metal Cored Wires

August 11, 2015

Making the change to metal cored wire can be extremely advantageous. There are a number of factors that contribute to the success of metal cored wires, including:

  • High deposition efficiency
  • High deposition rates
  • Increased duty cycles

why-use-cored-wireThe deposition efficiency of a consumable is the amount of material that converts to weld metal. During the welding process, a portion of the consumable is lost to slag, spatter, and fumes. The lower this percentage of lost consumable is, the higher the deposition efficiency will be. Depending on the transfer used, metal cored wire can exhibit a deposition efficiency range of 92-98%. This high efficiency is due to a decreased volume of slag and spatter that require removal from the weld and parent material. Reduced fume levels are also reflected in the deposition and create a healthier work environment for the welder.

Higher deposition rates are also seen in the implementation of metal cored wire. The deposition rate is the amount of weld metal deposited during a given time. The deposition rate of metal cored wire is about 57% higher per hour than solid MIG wire. This ultimately results in higher achievable welding speeds.

Travel speeds rely on duty cycles. During the welding process, a duty cycle refers to the amount of continuous arc time. Factors such as travel time, equipment, slag removal, and replenishing consumables affect the duty cycle. Shielded metal arc welding using stick electrodes can only produce about 12 minutes of welding every hour, whereas metal cored wire yields a duty cycle of about 30 minutes an hour. While solid MIG and flux cored wire can achieve these high duty cycles as well, only metal cored wire can take the process to a whole new level with faster travel speeds. Metal cored wire can account for increased travel speeds of 35-40%. Fabricators can practice automatic application with  high duty cycles and travel speeds without jeopardizing weld integrity and appearance.

Polymet wires are ideal for demanding applications such as metal to metal, metal to earth, high impact, high abrasion, corrosion, and high temperature, or combinations of these wear factors.

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