Research and Development

Research & DevelopmentSince our inception in 1967, research and development has been an ongoing function of the Polymet business. We were founded on a proprietary manufacturing process that included extensive research, exploration, and testing. Now, we are not only an industry leader of high quality wire products, but we also provide our customers with technical expertise and research driven solutions for their projects and applications.

The metallurgical staff and engineers at Polymet believe R&D is vital in providing customers with the quality materials and services they need. From our patented hot extruded manufacturing process, to custom alloy development projects, the material engineers at Polymet are continually involved in the advancement of Polymet products. Our ability to use an array of different and unique engineering procedures enables us to provide additional solutions and improvements to our product lines.

Polymet strives to be a continuing leader of advanced metallurgical materials.  As the hardfacing, welding, and thermal spray industries evolve, we are committed to staying current in all facets of our business.