Special Processing

We handle all of your wire processing needs

The benefit of using Polymet as your specialty alloy wire and rod supplier is our ability to offer a wide variety of wire processing services. We provide straightening, cutting, spooling, coiling, cleaning, flag tagging, color coding, and our proprietary abrading service. These services can be provided independently of each other and in any way that best fits the customers needs.

Because of our attention to detail and complete dedication to the product, Polymet offers a service that produces the cleanest material in the industry. Our wire undergoes a rigorous, labor-intensive cleaning process to ensure that our customers receive the material that is unsurpassed in quality. Our product packaging allows our customer to receive material to their exact specifications. For our spooled wire, Polymet stocks fiber and plastic spools, as well as wire baskets. For our large diameter industrial wire and rod products, we offer 200 lb and 500 lb drum packaging. Cut length wire can be flag tagged displaying color codes, alloy identifications, and important industry specifications.

We work closely with our customers to meet their demands and to produce the premium, high quality wire products they need. We specialize in providing material and services for the gas turbine, thermal spray, and industrial industries.