Thermal Spray Powder

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Polymet offers thermal spray powder for High Velocity Oxy-Fuel (HVOF) systems. These HVOF tungsten carbide powder materials offer high density, low porosity, and high bond strength.

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HVOF Thermal Spray Powder

All powders are agglomerated and sintered

Item # Description TAFA Metco Starck Stellite
PMET 88-12 WC-12Co 1342VM Woka 3102 Amperit 518 JK112P, JK112H
PMET 86-10-4 WC-10Co-4Cr 1350VM Woka 3652 Amperit 558 JK120H, JK120P
PMET 90-10 WC-10Ni 1310VM Woka 3302 - JK6189
PMET 83-17 WC-17Co 1343VM Woka 3202 Amperit 526 JK117