PMET 86-10-4

WC 10CO 4CR Tungsten Carbide Powder

86% WC 10% Co 4% Cr (Agglomerated and Sintered) 

-45/+15 µm

PMET 86-10-4 (wc 10co 4cr) is a tungsten carbide powder for HVOF thermal spray coatings. This powder has a dense particle structure with carbides that produce a finer microstructure and a dense, smooth coating finish. It also has great flowability characteristics and is appropriate for erosive and abrasive wear applications. It has a service environment up to 850°F (450°C).


  • Hard Chrome Replacement
  • Pump Seals
  • Slush Pump Piston Rods
  • Hydraulic Rods
  • Compressor Shafts
  • Corrugating Rollers
  • Ball, Gate, & Dump Valves

Cross reference:

  • TAFA Praxair: 1350VM
  • Sulzer Metco: Metco® 5847
  • H.C. Starck: Amperit® 558, 554