Thermal Spray Wire
Copper Base Alloys

Polymet manufactures the highest quality wire in the world for both twin wire arc spray and flame spray operations. Polymet produces over 35 alloys for thermal spray applications. Below is a full list of Thermal Spray Wire Copper Base Alloys offered by Polymet.

PMET # Competitor equivalents DEscription
PMET 590 Tafa 10T, Sprabronze AA Al Bronze
PMET 599 Tafa 05T Copper

PMET 590

Characteristics and Composition

PMET 590 is specifically designed for spraying in arc spray or flame spray systems. It produces extremely well-bonded coatings with excellent machinability. PMET 590 has good corrosion resistance, along with good resistance to mechanical and thermal shock. It is particularly applicable to bond coats and machine element restoration work.

Equivalent to:


Sulzer Metco Sprabronze AA

Rockwell Hardness 62-68 B   Diameter (in)-1/16, 1/8, (mm)-1.6, 3.2

Bal1.5 maxBal

PMET 599

Characteristics and Composition

PMET 599 is a high purity copper wire specifically designed for arc spraying. It produces dense, well bonded coatings with excellent machinability. It is widely used for electrical conductivity and printing roll applications.

Rockwell Hardness 35-40 B   Diameter (in)-1/16, 1/8