Quality System

Polymet prides itself on the highest standard of quality in the industry. Our quality system has been certified to current ISO standards. In addition, our quality system is approved and audited by industry leaders such as General Electric, Rolls Royce, and Pratt & Whitney.

Our quality system at Polymet is designed to maintain complete product traceability, from receipt of all raw materials through production to the delivery of finished goods. Quality is built in and verified at every step of the manufacturing process. In addition, Polymet uses nationally accredited independent laboratories to analyze material chemistries.To ensure product integrity and alloy mix prevention, Polymet has successfully automated the process of alloy verification and flag tagging for straight length wire. Our proprietary equipment assures that material is correctly identified and labeled with the appropriate information.

Complete Business Dedication

At Polymet, we recognize that our customers need more than a supplier of high quality wires. Every business is faced with the challenges of developing advanced products while improving profits and cash flows. We look at our role as being more than a manufacturer of wire products, but a global provider of total business solutions.

Along with the expansion of our plant and equipment, we have implemented an information system that enables us to effectively manage a much broader range of inventory items. Our new system utilizes barcode technology and provides accurate and timely feedback on delivery status, inventory levels, lead times and pricing. It also enables us to manage consignment and just-in-time delivery programs. The system is the basis for our e-commerce capabilities.

Polymet’s goal is to provide our customers with an integrated supplier for all of their wire consumables. As an integrated supplier, we develop inventory management programs that are tailored to our customers’ unique needs. Our customers recognize the benefits of low costs by dealing direct with the manufacturer and reduced administration expenses associated with a consolidated vendor base.

At Polymet Corporation, we are focused on developing strong business relationships that will benefit both parties for the long term.