PMET 918

PMET 918 – B50TF824, AMS5814, Turbaloy® 918, Mar M 918 welding wire for gas turbine vanes.

PMET 918 (Turbaloy® 918) is a cobalt-based high temperature alloy. Chromium and nickel are major alloying elements.  It is used to repair parts that have endured severe thermal cycling.


  • AMS 5814
  • Mar M 918
  • B50A824

Typical Deposit Characteristics

  • Excellent high temperature strength
  • Galling resistant


  • Gas turbine engine components
  • Casting repair

Product Details

Characteristics and Composition

Ni Co Fe Cr W Mo Al Si
20 BAL 20
Mn Nb Ti Ta Zr C Other
7.5 0.07