PolyStel 6 – Cobalt Alloy 6


Metal Cored PolyStel 6 is a cobalt-based metal cored wire, equivalent in nominal chemical composition, physical properties, and performance properties to the Stellite 6 brand of cobalt-based metal cored wire. Cobalt alloy 6 is considered the principal cobalt alloy in terms of versatility and resistance to many forms of mechanical and chemical deterioration over an extensive temperature range. PolyStel 6 (Stellite 6 equivalent) attributes its outstanding self-mated anti-galling properties to the high alloy content of the matrix, namely the chromium carbides contained in the deposit. Popular applications for this alloy include hardfacing applications when wear is complimented by corrosion and/or elevated temperatures such as valve seats and bearing areas. This alloy an be applied to any weldable steel, including all grades of stainless steel.

PolyStel 6 GMAW micrograph at 500X

Solid PolyStel 6 is designed for high temperature applications. PolyStel 6 provides excellent wear resistance in abrasion as well as in metal to metal applications. Wear resistance is provided by the complex chromium and tungsten carbides that are supported in a rich cobalt matrix. PolyStel 6 is also resistant to oxidation up to its melting range and can be satisfactorily specified in sour gas as well as other corrosive applications.

PolyStel 6 cast rods and coated electrodes are also comparable to the Stellite 6 brand products in terms of chemistry, properties and performance. Popular SMAW applications include: shear blades, fluid flow valves, extrusion screws, roll bushings, valve bearing surfaces, and other applications where high temperatures are experienced.

PolyStel products are manufactured and sold by Polymet Corporation. Stellite brand products are manufactured and sold by Kennametal, Inc. Polymet Corporation and Kennametal, Inc. are not affiliated and Kennametal does not endorse PolyStel products.

Product Details

Characteristics and Composition

Ni Co Fe Cr W Mo Al Si
BAL 32 5
Mn Nb Ti Ta Zr C Other
Rockwell Hardness
HRC 40-44

Product Forms

.045″, 1/16″ (1.2mm, 1.6mm) .012″ – .157″ (0.3mm – 4mm)