PolyStel 12

Product Details

Metal Cored PolyStel 12 is a cobalt-based metal cored wire. PolyStel 12 is equivalent in nominal chemical composition, physical properties, and performance properties to the Stellite brand. PolyStel 12 cored wire meets AWS A5.21 ERCCoCr-B. It is considered an intermediate between PolyStel 6 and PolyStel 1. PolyStel 12 has a higher hardness and better resistance to all types of wear, including galling, due to the large fraction of hard, brittle chromium carbides. This alloy’s high-temperature properties (up to 1292°F) are derived from the alloy’s higher tungsten content. PolyStel 12 is mainly used in applications that require the deposit to endure abrasion, heat, and corrosion such as knife cutting edges for the timber, paper, and plastics industry. This alloy can be applied to any weldable steel, including all grades of stainless steel.

PolyStel 12 GMAW micrograph at 500X

Solid PolyStel 12 is a cobalt-based care cast rod version of Cobalt Alloy 12 that has been hot forged into small diameter wire, using Polymet’s hot extruded wire process. PolyStel 12 has excellent resistance to many forms of chemical and mechanical degradation over a wide temperature range. PolyStel 12 attributes are its anti-galling properties, abrasion, corrosion resistance, and oxidation resistance up to its melting range. It can be applied to all weldable steels, including stainless steels.


PolyStel products are manufactured and sold by Polymet Corporation. Stellite brand products manufactured and sold by Kennametal, Inc. are not affiliated and Kennametal does not endorse PolyStel products.

Product Details

Characteristics and Composition

Ni Co Fe Cr W Mo Al Si
BAL 29 8
Mn Nb Ti Ta Zr C Other
Rockwell Hardness
HRC 43-47

Product Forms

.045″, 1/16″ (1.2mm, 1.6mm) .012″ – .157″ (0.30mm – 4mm)