PMET 885

Product Details

PMET 885 is a solid wire specifically designed for arc spray systems. It is self-bonding to most materials and requires minimal surface preparation. Bond strengths in excess of 9000 psi can be achieved on clean smooth surfaces. Roughening of the surface by machining, grit blasting or grinding can increase the bond strength up to 10,000 psi. PMET 885 exhibits good resistance to high temperature oxidation and abrasion, and excellent resistance to impact and bending. PMET 885 can be machined and ground to a finish of 5 micro inches. It is a self-bonding, one step material and is also suitable for the build-up and dimensional restoration of nickel-based alloys. PMET 885 is widely used as a bond coat for subsequent thermal spray topcoats and as a one step build up material for dimensional restoration of aircraft engines.

Equivalent to:


Sulzer Metco 8400

GE B50TF56 & PWA 36937 specification approvals

Rockwell Hardness 65-85 B   Diameter (in)-1/16, (mm)-1.6